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How Do I Place An Order?


I am currently in the process of adding a SHOP to my website. If my shop is unavailable, please contact me via email, Instagram, or Facebook to place an order. You can choose a design from a photo you have seen from any of my sites, or feel free to request a custom order.


Shipping and Payment

Each piece comes in a recycled string envelope and is carefully wrapped in bubble envelope. 

















Shipping costs vary depending on where in the world you are and when you need it. Payment must be received before shipping. I accept payments through Square, ApplePay and Venmo.

Returns & Refunds

Each piece of jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you mail me your jewelry, I will repair or replace and ship back to you at no cost. Please contact me for your special needs.



Events and Art Fairs

I regularly participate in local art and craft fairs. While Missoula's MADE FAIR and HIP HOLIDAY MARKET have been popular venues for my work, I have also participated in The Edina Art Fair in the Twin Cities. If you are interested in knowing more about my upcoming events or if you are interested in me participating in an arts and craft fair, please contact me. 



If you would like to see my work in person:

In Missoula, Montana, USA: Upcycled is a unique gift shop selling locally made gifts made from 50%-95% repurposed materials. You can visit them on the Hip Strip at 517 S Higgins.


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