How do I know what size bangles are best for me?

If you have a flexible measuring tape, like the ones used by tailors, I suggest wrapping it tightly around the thicker part of your hand (squeeze your fingers together to mimic placing a bangle over your hand) to get the best fit. The best fit for my bangles is a little snug to get over your hand so that they don’t fall off like other bangles. They are flexible (but not elastic) and durable. In fact, they are also so light and comfortable, some people never take them off.

When can I expect my order?

All in stock orders will ship within 3-5 business days of payment date. For out of stock items, please allow 1 week before shipment.

Your jewelry will be wrapped in a recycled string envelope and shipped in a bubble/cushioned mailer.

What is your return/exchange policy?

We do not allow returns, but if you are unhappy with our product, I would be happy to exchange for you. Please reach out to me to discuss a better fit for you.

Are you missing an earring?

Don’t fret, you are not the first person. The best thing to do is ship the other one to me and I will create the best possible match. I highly recommend using rubber backs if you are prone to losing earrings. The cost of replacing is half the cost of the current retail price of the item with free shipping.

My jewelry is unique in a way that each piece is different from all the others I create. I do not follow a formula or measure everything all the same. With this in mind, please understand and appreciate that not two pieces are identical, including the earrings. There will be some variation between the two, but very minimally.

Do you buy your strings new or use recycled strings with all your jewelry?

I only use recycled strings. I am passionate about the environment and try to do everything I can to reduce my carbon footprint. I collect strings from local shops who generously collect them for me. I also collect from local musicians including my husband!

Do you take custom orders?

Yes, I am happy to help. Just reach out to me to discuss further.

Can I use my own strings for a custom order?

Absolutely. I would be happy to use your strings to make you something special. Contact me for further information.

Will my new jewelry tarnish?

The more you wear it, the less likely it is to tarnish. I find the gold and copper colored strings are more likely to tarnish than the silver colored strings. The best way to clean off the tarnish is to gently use a polishing cloth. I use Sunshine Polishing Cloths on all my jewelry and it works like a charm!

Is it okay if my jewelry gets wet?

Yes. I know people who never take my jewelry off. My jewelry is so light and comfortable to wear, that some folks sleep and shower in them. Daily use while showering or doing the dishes is fine, just don’t let them sit in a puddle of water for long periods of time.